“Being in love’s a delusion.”

Alison Booth, A Perfect Marriage

Booth is an Australian labour economist and novelist who is Professor of Economics at the Australian National University


Then she said, ‘Being in love’s a delusion. Loving someone is not. When you’re in love you’re simply projecting your needs onto someone else.’

While the book itself was disappointing, there were a few key quotes that Booth managed to throw in there that were memorable. This is one of them.

“The body lay on a gurney in the middle of the room.”

A Perfect Marriage by Alison Booth

This book had so much promise. It is a library book that caught my eye. It was an entertaining read until about two-thirds into the book. The amount of intrigue inserted into the beginning and middle part of the book felt like it was leading up to something much bigger than what the book ended on. How disappointing.

The dynamic of two women who were united by a single man’s violence reminds me very much of A Thousand Splendid Suns, but the huge difference here between these two books is that Splendid Suns felt authentic and believable while this book just felt trite.

What a disappointing read!