Long Story…

My first foray into the cyber sphere was a page I built on FreeVote.com. Don’t try going to that page now–it no longer exists. I made a page way back in 1997 and it was in the format of an online Poll. Being the quiet non-English-speaking foreigner at my Middle School, I decided to build an online poll with the funniest (meanest) comments I could think of for all of my classmates. Everyone in my school could go to this page and vote on whether the school jock was a) a douche, or b) a homo. Clever, I know.

The page was built as a quiet rebellion against the the recent trend of my school mates dubbing me “Jane Fart”. I had no idea the page itself would blow up the way it did. Within the week, the entire school was talking about it. Most of them found the page hilarious as it was constantly updated with the “current events” that happened at the school. People wanted to know who built the page.

So I made a yahoo email address (candyass2u@yahoo.com) to receive mail from the page. People sent me emails praising my humor and for once I had the “cool kids” telling me how funny I was–all without knowing who I actually was. That was my first taste of what internet anonymity could do. Eventually the talk for my page died down, as all middle school fads would.

I became better at English and I found friends. Internet took a back seat until I graduated high school and the loneliness that came with college newness brought me back to the Internet.

It was an online forum based solely on Naruto. This was back before Naruto even came to North America. I frequented the forum as well as the Yahoo chat group for Vancouver. I became a moderator on both through my frequent contribution of smart-ass remarks. It was exciting to “be the boss” of a part of cyberspace.

In 2004, I moved on to RedvsBlue forums. I lurked a bit while it was still just a PHP forum and I made a couple of comments here and there. I found a section of the forum called The Bar where people like me went to shoot the shit. I stuck around there until late 2009.

Throughout all that time, I maintained a Xanga blog. I can’t link it here because I haven’t upgraded to Xanga 2.0. Hey, at least they backed up and archived my data for me to import.