A Writing Project

I have several of these. I find that I enjoy it this way. When I am bored of one story, I jump to the other.

Sometimes I take stock of my on-going work, and I ask myself what I’m writing them for. I think by doing this, I’ll be more motivated to finish them.

This is what I’ve came up with.

Understanding My Past

There’s a story I’m writing that’s loosely based on my parents and their family. I think I do this as to try to understand my childhood. I feel like in order to fix the mental and emotional baggage from my childhood, I need to write about their lives before me. I need to see them as the young adults they were then and to understand and sympathize with their motivations. Above all, I need to feel like they must have all loved each other deeply at one time.

Escaping a Present Circumstance

There’s another story I’m writing that’s based on a random thought. It’s somewhat science fiction, because it involves a multi-verse. It’s about escaping our disappointment and dissatisfaction with daily life and getting a fresh start. I think I started writing this because I felt trapped in my work situation and felt I could do nothing about it.

Drawing a Different Future 

This other story is about a single mother, and how she’s lost her only son to a better life. This story makes me sad to write, but for some reason I have to write it. It’s about sacrifice, and how a mother’s love can endure many hardships. It’s one of the random scenarios I run through my head when I can’t sleep at night. It’s a thing I’ve done ever since I was a small child. I make up scenarios in my head, put myself in the place of one of the characters, and I wonder: How would I feel, in that situation?

So, that’s what I’ve been busy doing lately.

My Writing Process – And How It Led to an Uncomfortable Argument


When people ask me what my writing process is, I have no idea.

Recently Hubs tried to help me through a long stretch of writer’s block by giving me a daily writing exercise. While I appreciate the thought, I wasn’t able to continue with the exercise after just a week.

What happened? Did I get lazy? Did I get so stuck for words that I couldn’t even write even just a paragraph a day?

Not really. The opposite happened. I stumbled across a topic that I enjoyed writing about so much that it became a full short story project. The project went from a one-day project to a one week project.

The Argument

The Hubs made an observation tonight about “see what happened the moment you took the daily exercise into your own hands; you stopped doing it.”

I resented the implication. I explained what I had been doing.

And he insisted his point; that I should have stuck to writing short daily exercises so that it became a routine.

What he wasn’t seeing was that I was using the time I spent writing the short daily exercises on the work that’s inspired me. I said that I simply didn’t have the time in my day between my day job & my writing projects to complete the daily exercise he held me accountable for.

I told him so; only to be met with, “you can use whatever excuse you want. You can always make time.”

At that point I got up from our week night talk and said, “fine, I’ll go write right now. I should be making time to be writing, right? Then I don’t need to spend time talking to you about this.”

Immature? Yes, I thought so. I was upset. I felt that he wasn’t hearing me. I also felt that he wasn’t the best person to give me writing advice; I resented the implications that he made towards me lacking discipline.

The Process

Even though the discussion upset me, I took away from it what I could. I need to write, every day. Doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter where. So… expect to see a lot more content here as I continue this uphill struggle with getting these words out of my head.

Staying On Track

I’m not writing as much as I’d like, so I bought a pocket calendar that lasts until the end of 2015.

For every day that I’ve written, I get a green check. For every day that I haven’t written, I get a red ex. Seeing this calendar over time will hopefully motivate me a little more.


My Story

I finally started it. All the random memories, along with the feelings associated with them, are now being recorded on virtual paper.

It’s something I was afraid of doing before. I was afraid of being absolutely honest even when it was to no one in particular. The fear of offending someone else’s sensitivities gave me pause.

But I’m ignoring all of that now.


I finished the series a best friend got me for Christmas. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. Not the best writing I’ve ever come across, not even the best story. It wasn’t terrible enough for me to just abandon reading half way through. The ideas it put forth was familiar and the execution of it was admirable. I just didn’t feel sympathetic to the story or the characters–and I generally grow attached to books that CAN make me feel something.

I started another series that I came across while shopping for Steak. The book aisle at Stop & Shop is directly facing the meats. Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Now this book is more up my alley. It’s horrifying at times and it reads as it the author drew the story from genuine feeling. The writing is fluid and the story enjoyable. There are certain areas of the book where it feels like a heavy-handed plot device inserted to get the characters from point A to point B, but it doesn’t distract enough from the story itself.


My family. How do I explain this? I changed my facebook profile photo to one of my younger self propping up my baby brother. The only comments this drew were from my mother and my aunts.

My mother: “You miss your brother.” What she’s really trying to say is that I don’t miss her.

My other aunt: “Good! Now when you come back you should continue to love your brother oh!” ……………

Why is my choice of living in a separate area from family viewed as desertion? Why am I accused of loving my family less simply because I live in a different area from them? The idea of what “family” means for my Chinese relatives prevents them from understanding this, but their lack of decorum is preventing them from keeping their thoughts to themselves.

There is nothing like being guilt tripped by one Chinese mother. I’m being guilt tripped by multiple because apparent my mother’s sisters all band together when it comes to their children’s wrong-doings. Let’s quadruple the guilt power, shall we?

So that’s today in my life.

My Calling

So I researched a job posting today posted on a prestigious online software company. I meet all of their requirements and then some.

My father has always told me, do what you enjoy to do.

But then there’s that saying: Your hobby is what you love to do; your career is what you’re good at.

So the question is, do I devote my time to perfect my skills in what I love to do? Or do I give in and simply pursue what I’m good at?

All I know is, the stories will never stop showing up in my head and I will never be able to keep the demons at bay without writing these thoughts down somewhere. Writing is not a hobby; it is a necessity.


Creative inspiration–I don’t have it.

I have two existing novel projects that I’m slowly trudging away at. In both projects I’ve reached a plot deadlock.

With Realm, I have an outline that I’ve been following. But I’m so unsatisfied with the current conflict that I can’t seem to write beyond the certain point.

With Translation, the plot is completely stuck. I threw a major plot device in there but now I have no idea what to do with it. i can’t just trash the idea because it was such a central part of the story. If I were to trash the idea, I would trash the entire project.

One of these projects is too close to my life for me to take too much creative license with it and the other is so far from my life that I have no personal experiences to draw from..


A Writer’s Love Affair with NYC

Someone just stabbed that man

The only thing that’s changed about NYC since 1993 is that there are way more tourists here who try to make New Yorkers talk to them.

Sometimes a city is just a city.