Goodbye, Yahoo

Yahoo Becoming Internet History

Goodbye, Yahoo. I only ever had one email address ( with you, but your contributions to the internets were great.

Why Is Canadian Politics So “Boring”?

The results of the latest election is literally everywhere. Justin Trudeau’s handsome mug is all over the front pages of Facebook. This is literally the most interesting Canadian politics has ever been in my experience as a Canadian.

Granted, I have only been a Canadian for the last 20 years.

I went on the Googlesphere today to try and find out just why Canadian politics is so interesting right now… and the auto-complete search bar thought I was asking, “why is canadian politics so boring”. The top search led me to this online article from LA Times, which gave me a crash course on the differences between the contemporary political climate of Canada versus the USA.

The reason us Canadians are so “boring”? Because our friend down south makes politics such a shit show. Given the choice, most of us would rather be watching a bunch of overgrown toddlers yelling at each other about what Jesus would have wanted and Hilary’s emails than a group of middle aged white dudes standing around talking about how to best run a country.

The thing about democracy is this: when politics gets boring, you get poor voter turn outs. No one cares enough to go out voting for someone if they’re not angry enough about the opponents. That’s one thing American politics have done a lot better than Canadians. Americans know how to piss people off. They know how to flip you off, spit in your face, and insult your mother all in the same breath.

Canadians? We say “sorry” and “thank you” and “no please after you” all in the same breath.

So what happened with this past Canadian election? People were pissed off enough. Canadian campaigners took a page out of America’s book and incited some hate against their opponents. Our gloves (made out of beaver skin) came straight off and out came the fists. Sure, we’re sorry about it afterwards (we’re always sorry), but it got the job done.

At the end of it all… I still feel disconnected. I’m a Taiwanese Canadian living in the USA. I’ve never had to live in one place for too long, not long enough for the politics of that country to truly affect my long term goals. So if I had to be honest, politics is still boring to me. I’m not interested in the shit-show, I’m not interested in the country’s economy and how one guy fucked it up and the other guy’s vowing to fix it now. I keep waiting for something in the news to “piss me off”, but so far, the closest I got was when some American politics threatened to defund Planned Parenthood.

My feelings for this would be different if I had kids, I think. Because then I’d worry about a whole shit ton of things. Whether they’d be shot a school, whether their post secondary education would be subsidized by the government, whether they’d be discriminated against… the list goes on.

For now, I’m still just waiting to give a shit.

Article: Microsoft labels US government a ‘persistent threat’ in plan to cut off NSA spying

Microsoft labels US government a ‘persistent threat’ in plan to cut off NSA spying

Oh Microsoft….

Ukraine Protesters Take Over City Hall, Demand President’s Resignation |

Ukraine Protesters Take Over City Hall, Demand President’s Resignation | –

Yellow Fever Can Ruin Your Life

Hangover from Hell: Hundreds of Westerners Living on the Streets of Thailand

So apparently Asian women will steal all your shit if you let them.

Interesting DOT Internets: Internet Imperialism

The Great Internet Land Grab and the Future of Web Domains : The New Yorker

Looks like Donuts Inc. already has a head start on internet imperialism. Funny thing is most of us thought the next big “grab”would have to do with space.