Today, At Starbucks

There are a lot of suits in here today.

Yellow Fever Can Ruin Your Life

Hangover from Hell: Hundreds of Westerners Living on the Streets of Thailand

So apparently Asian women will steal all your shit if you let them.


Bought a keyboard for the tablet. Aww yeah. Missed my bus though. Dad wanted to talk. I have no idea about what. A random truck driver stopped to ask me for directions and I didn’t know what to tell him. He drove off all angry as if I should have known. America is a wonderful country  eh?

I’m not using the keyboard right now cuz I’m standing at the bus stop. I’ll be late for dad’s phone call.

Typing with this takes some getting used to I think. It’s still smaller than the average keyboard.


The pink stuff at the edge of the camera is the tablet holder. I’m using this on the bus as it’s moving.


New Nexus 7 Tablet from Jamie for my birthday. I am a spoiled brat…


I wonder how many new Blogs are created every new year, with the resolution that this Blog will be the one that sticks. It’s like buying a fresh new notebook and promising yourself that you’d write in it every single day… you’d get January 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and then nadda until the lonely Valentine’s, when you apologize profusely to no one in particular about not keeping your promise.

So I’ll make no such promise. Of course I hope this small corner of the internet makes it big some day, but I am also a realist. There are way too many aspiring bloggers out there for that pipe dream to become a reality.

Last year today, I was still sleeping off a hang over. I remember spending it at Aleya’s house party on New Years Eve. I was probably back at work on Jan. 2nd, actually. I can’t remember. How strange to think that it was an entire year ago.

Working at Roger’s Communications… what a terrible company. Just another peon in a crowd of peons. It’s hard to believe that there were people who worked there since before the new millennium. Twelve years spent in those same cubicles, can you imagine? I couldn’t. I can’t believe I gave them half of 2012.

I’ve been reading Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre for the last little while. It’s an incredible book. Much better than her sister’s Wuthering Heights. All of the sentiment from Heights that I enjoyed are intensified in Jane Eyre.

Jamie and I went to the Russian Tea Room. That was a once in a life time experience… I can say I’ve lunched at the Russian Tea Room. We also went to the Comedy Cellar. We saw Aziz! There were also other comedians there, but not as famous anymore. That was such a great time.

Pure Joy

I stole this from Reddit



This .gif made me so friggin happy. It properly demonstrates how I feel on a daily basis.

The Day The World Ended

You  know when you’ve REALLY become much TOO dependant on something? When you push the F5 key every 2 seconds while trying to load Reddit.

Reddit broke for about… oh, 3 minutes just now. I actually felt like the inability to read the endless Internets was akin to the end of the world. If I don’t have the accessibility, THEN WHAT DO I HAVE LEFT?

Will I be banished to resort to real time, real life interactions?