It’s Been A Few Months

These past few months have rolled by FAST. It’s October. It was almost July when I last wrote here.

Since July, I’ve turned 29. I’ve purchased a Google Chromebook. I’ve finished some TV shows. I’ve started the Novel version of Different yet again. I started knitting a wrap.

Not much else to add here except that my 29th year is passing awfully fast. I miss Jamie. We expect to see each other again by this month. And if not by this month, then in November at the latest.



I know I’m a bit late. Spring was probably yesterday. Today is the first day that it was fully Sunny and Warm in Stamford, Connecticut though, so today is the day.

Spring cleaning out my work email box. SUCCESS.

New Computer

Probably the best computer I have ever owned–and it cost less than any of the machines I’ve purchased previously.

Oh technology.

My Favorite Climate


It is misty today, and cold. Just cold enough to feel like I’m inside a fridge.

I can hear the birds as well. If I look up and ignore the cars and pavements, I can pretend I’m in a forest.

How liberating.

Too Many Passwords

I have too many logins and too many passwords.

Too many meaning 3 variations of usernames and 4 different distinct passwords I use. I had my cache and cookies removed from this browser because I like to do a type of Internet-clean-up once in a while. So of course, WordPress didn’t log me in automatically anymore.


My Alter Ego

I have an alter ego. Her name is Jade. She knows Kung Fu and she is an accountant/doctor/paralegal.

The nice Starbucks kid puts “Jade” on my cup after me repeating “JaNe” several times–and suddenly I am Jade. I have a feeling if anyone ever heard Jade’s name wrong, she would give them hell for it. But Jane? Jane does nothing. Because Jane knows it’s futile to lose her shit a the Starbucks kid who probably had to open at 5 am in the morning. So Jane keeps her mouth shut.

I’d really like to meet this Jade one day just so I can tell her to stop pretending to be me.