Day Ten – No Noodles; No Rice

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always had either noodles, or rice, once per day. Chinese people eat rice and noodles like it’s bread. On this low carb diet, I’ve challenged myself to not have any noodles, or any rice. Today is Day 10.

The first couple of days were difficult, but now I’ve actually gotten used to it. For a cheat day this Saturday, TubHubs suggested that we get noodles. I get to celebrate my efforts.

As much as I love noodles… it feels even better to be look forward to enjoying something. Not that I didn’t enjoy the foods I eat on my diet, but they’re really nothing compared to a good bowl of Taiwanese Noodles Soup.


Week 1 of “Healthy Eating”

Trying to lose some weight for the holidays this year, so I decided to diet, for the first time in my life, ever.

I started out this week with eating about 3 snack meals a day. Some raspberries in the morning with sine ginger tea. Then chicken thighs & baby bok choy stir fry for lunch. Some nut and raisins in the afternoon.

I’ve also started drinking way more water. I skipped coffee (until Sunday).

All of this started lasts Wednesday. Each day I’ve eating roughly the same amount and roughly the same things. We decided to make Saturdays a cheat day, so I got to eat more food than the rest of the diet days.

The one thing I’ve cut out completely? Noodles. I used to eat some kind of noodles (flat noodles, egg noodles, pasta noodles) just about every single day. I knew the carb count for noodles (or rice) were high, but I just didn’t care; my addiction to noodles was something I wasn’t ready to give up.

Today is Day 5 without noodles. I saw a photo of beef noodles in Flushings, NY last night, and I forcefully told myself not to keep staring.

Good news is: I dropped 2 solid pounds in 5 days.

Also for the first time in my life, I have a “goal weight”. I’ve always been happy to stay around my current weight; but recently the numbers just don’t seem to sit so well anymore on this aging body.

I can’t promise I’ll never eat noodles again; but I need to cut back for a while before I can get back into it with moderation.

Fitness Plan


My body is getting old…. there comes a time when I can no longer rely on my Asian genetics.

As I approach the big 3-0, and as the Tub Hubs’ eye sight get better, I’m noticing more obvious signs of aging. For example, the breast pads of my graduation dress (I was 17) are now much higher than where my breasts actually are.

So… in the 13 years that have passed, my somehow-still-perky-looking breast have definitely sagged.

There are other things. Like belly fat, cellulite along the backs of my thighs.

Why is this happening?! 

The Plan

For years I’ve watched from the sidelines as my peers and those older than me go on health kicks. I was always secretly happy that it didn’t have to be me. I didn’t want to sweat it up at the gym. I didn’t want to moderate what I ate. (OODLES OF NOODLES FOREVER PLEASE) But as the years went on and the pounds became harder to shed, I finally had to admit defeat.

So this Monday I started The Stop Looking Like a Jelly Doughnut Plan. The plan generally covers eating better (low carbs) and working out better (more weight lifting and core strength exercises).

The Weigh In

I probably should have done this on Monday… but I didn’t. Today I weighed myself at the gym at 122 lbs. Good progress already, since a couple weeks ago I was at the lower end of 124.

The Work Out

Today I started rigorously lifting again. I also went back to my sit-up routine. I know it’s not much, but it’s what I’m starting with.

I may also join a core strength class at one point, but we’ll see where we’re headed.

The Food

Today I made my own Garlic Sliced Pork. It’s not the healthiest of foods, but it was my favorite dish from Lucky Gate in Coquitlam, BC.

I paired this with stir-fry spinach and shiitake mushrooms.

Personal victory today? NO NOODLES!! Seriously, that’s a huge accomplishment.

The Goal

I’ll be updating my progress weekly. The goal weight I want to reach is around 110 lbs, with a lot less fat and a lot more muscle.

Here I go!