It’s Been A Few Months

These past few months have rolled by FAST. It’s October. It was almost July when I last wrote here.

Since July, I’ve turned 29. I’ve purchased a Google Chromebook. I’ve finished some TV shows. I’ve started the Novel version of Different yet again. I started knitting a wrap.

Not much else to add here except that my 29th year is passing awfully fast. I miss Jamie. We expect to see each other again by this month. And if not by this month, then in November at the latest.

It’s Fucking Hot

Fuck you, Fahrenheit. It’s 35 Celsius over here.

On the menu for today. (I’ve taken to planning out dinner menus. How Stepford.) Cold vinegar cucumbers. Something with cold shrimp. HMM.

Went to grocery store yesterday and asked about hot wings. The guy behind the counter literally said, “they are hot.” No shit?

Heading in to NYC tomorrow to check out the city, finally. I don’t have enough money to do the expensive touristy things, but I’m sure just walking around and taking photos will be fun enough. It is NYC, after all. One of the most famous cities in the world.

I started teaching myself how to crochet. Always wanted to do it and now I have the time to. Will post some photos of the projects later.

Made a hat for my niece. Here a photo of the little bugger. Born on April 30th, 2012. What a pretty little girl:

Pretty Girl

Oh right, I need to include a photo of the hat. Here you go:

How awesome does that look. My roommate’s mother is going to teach me how to make a little puffy ball for the top.

That’s all for today. I’m supposed to be writing at least another chapter today.