Welcome to Just Words In Your Head

As a writer, I often struggle with getting the words in my head onto a page. My own insecurity prevents me from making these thoughts real and tangible.

So I created this space, to record my thoughts, my work, and my process. In the hopes that my discoveries will help others in need.

– Just Words

About Just Words

So here you are, reading about me and trying to understand the inner-workings of my mind. Or you’re just bored. I vote the latter.

I’ll be straight forward. I’m 33. Married. I have a son. I live in South Australia.

I write anything from one line poetry to propaganda. I’ve been “making books” and writing my thoughts down since I learned how to write. It was very different at first because my native language is Chinese. Writing stories in Mandarin isn’t nearly as interesting as writing in English. I never got the chance to play around with Mandarin the way I learned to play around with English.

I have two hometowns. Taipei, Taiwan–the place of my birth–and Vancouver, Canada–the place I became an adult. I am considered to be a “white-washed” Asian. And I don’t mind that at all.

Click HERE for the long back story…

Long story short, I’m Jane. I’m a writer. I’m trying to market myself better.

Writing is about displaying a perspective with the greatest flourish. Everyone wants to be read.

A Mission Statement… of Sorts…

I first created this place for the purpose of putting random word vomit whenever inspiration eluded me. Back then, there were constant dialogues between characters who dug their way into my imagination unwanted. I struggled to get them on a page… so hence they were Just Words In My Head.

But today? Today the characters have gone quiet. It’s as if they’re angry with me for not giving them the attention they deserve.

So… I’m creating this page to give myself a bit of a pep talk, so to say. My goal is to write something every single day, no matter how shitty I think it ends up being, I’ll put it down on paper so it can exist somewhere.

Here’s to writing.

Don’t agree with me on something? Tell me about it.

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