“It mattered only that they were trying.”

Alicia Erian, Towelhead

Full excerpt:

Daddy got mad when people made assumptions about him, but I liked it. It made me feel someone wanted to know me. Even if they were wrong, it didn’t matter. It mattered only that they were trying.

Erian was born in 1967.

I read this book a long time ago, maybe just after high school. I remember being disturbed by the content. When I think back on it now (I can still recall the plot because it made such a huge impact), I’m not very disturbed. I realise that what happened was probably pretty normal.

I like this quote because I tend to get angry when people made assumptions about me. Yet the way the main character voiced how she saw it made me think differently. It’s true, isn’t it? When some people make assumptions about us, it meant that they at least gave us a thought to assume what we were like.

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