“He loves the whisper of the pages and the way his fingertips catch on rough paper, the pour of the words up from the leaves, through soft light, into his eyes, the mute voice in his ears.”

Keith Miller, The Book of Flying

Miller was born in 1969. He has published 3 novels.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Book of Flying when it first came out in 2004. I was so young then and I was into fantasy. But there was something different about Flying. It wasn’t the typical fantasy novel I was used to and it was just so beautifully written.

I love this quote and I’ve never really forgotten it. Especially the part about how your fingertips catch on rough paper… I still enjoy that sensation to this day. In fact, I play with the pages as I read just so I can constantly have that feeling as I read.

I am keen to read this again now, 15 years later from when I first read it, to see whether I feel any differently about this book.

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