“Constant action creates constant results.”

Christine Kane

Here’s Christine Kane, an American singer-songwriter who is also an entrepreneur.

Today is my Rest day on my new training schedule, but I don’t plan to be off the hook that easy. As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to insert some kind of in-home training that I could do without subjecting my son to having to wake up super early without his mama in the house.

First thing I did when I woke up this morning was to stay in bed and browse my phone. Hang on though, I wasn’t just plain browsing, I was checking out the new apps I had downloaded yesterday. So here are my first impressions.

Screenshot of Gixo's homescreen.

Gixo – $7 and change every month just to use it? You’re kidding! Granted, that’s cheaper than a Netflix or Spotify subscription… but really? I signed up for the trial. This was the first app I browsed through and I was worried that all the apps would require me to subscribe in order to benefit from them.

Six Pack in 30 Days – Looks straight forward: pick a plan and go with it. I picked “Lose Belly Fat”, then your training is broken down into days. Select a day and you’ll see a list of different exercises that will be pretty easy to do from home.

Butt Workout – This is very similar to Six Pack in 30, though it skips the middle screen of days and goes straight to different types of workouts, and this is concentrated to your glutes instead of your abs.

I plan to try either the Six Pack or the Butt Workout later this afternoon when I’ve got some free time. I’m working from home today and tomorrow, which means I’m running after Finley most of the day, so… I’ll check in with my next progress tomorrow!

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