“All the years I have lived in this world and in the other I have been known by many names…”

The Veil of Gold by Kim Wilkins

This is a book club book. One of the new book clubs I decided to try out on Meetup in Adelaide that mainly focuses on sci-fi and fantasy novels.

First Impressions (8% read): I’m having a hard time being gripped by this book. I can’t really get a good feel of the two main characters, Daniel and Rose. I’m liking Em, but I assume she’s a new character that’s been introduced. I have a burning question about whether Daniel and Rose were characters established in a previous novel (this book is tagged as book 3 in a series, I believe?).

White Flag Review: I quit this book at around page 20ish. I just couldn’t keep going. The writing wasn’t fantastic and I had a hard time caring about the characters. None of them felt real to me. It felt like I was reading fan fiction written by a 12 year old to be honest. And that’s not mean–I was myself once a 12 year old who wrote fan fiction. I would not expect everyone to read what I wrote and enjoy it, especially if they felt no connection to the subject matter. This novel kind of made me feel like I need to be in some special club in order to actually understand the story and its characters. It made me feel cast out.

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