Now that I have a proper work space set up, I’m trying to find the right tools that would be comfortable for me to write with. Here are the hardware I’m working with:

  • Windows PC laptop (main)
  • Windows Surface 3
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone

I have used all four of these devices to write over the years, and I haven’t found any tool that I really stuck with that would allow me to seamlessly save and edit files across all platforms. Here are the software I’ve tried over the years:

The issue: I want to use one tool that allows me to access/edit my writing from anywhere. I also want to be able to organize my work. This means my options are limited to a tool that seamlessly saves my work from iPad to Windows PC. So begins my journal to finding something that would work. The last time I really put in any effort researching this was probably four years ago. As I look into this again right now, I’m seeing that there’s been even more tools developed since I last looked.

New tools that I’m planning on trying:

The four tools I’ve listed above all share one thing in common–they are text editors that you can launch in a browser. This means I can launch these on ANY device, but the limitation is that I must have internet access. This can be tricky as I now live in Australia, where internet access is not always guaranteed.

So I begin my trials today. I’ll check back in about a week and let everyone know my thoughts.

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