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Welcome to Just Words In Your Head!

The two things I love doing the most is reading and writing. So that’s what this site is focused on. I do plan on doing some feature articles on small town bookstores and random things here and there, but regular content will be on reading and writing.

Firstly, on the right hand side of the site you will see my most recently read books as well as what I’m currently reading. I am continuing the same challenge I did in 2018–4 books a month.

As for articles about Reading, currently there are two main columns: Book Reviews and Daily Quotes.

Book Reviews are titled with the opening sentence of the book because I always found the opening sentence to hold a lot of power for the setting of a story or a conversation. It’s actually how I decide whether I’m going to read a book or not–all based on the first impression I get from the opening sentence. White Flag Reviews are reviews of books I quit reading for one reason or another. These are a recent addition as I’ve just come across my first White Flag book of 2019.

Daily Quotes are just random quotes that stuck out to me, whether from a book I am reading or just in passing. Some of these are inspiration and some of them are just plain interesting. I will post one of these every single day.

With Writing, I plan to plop stuff down about my process and struggle with current projects. I don’t have much to go on right now as my work has been stalled for a while, but the plan is to get everything ramped up again once this site is in better shape.

And then there is Everything Else, where everything about my life that doesn’t have to do with reading and writing goes. Because we are each so much more than our hopes and dreams.

I have big plans for this space, so please stick around and I will try my utmost not to let you down.

— Just Words

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