Goodbye, Decade of Makeup

Here we are, on the cusp of another move. Lately I’ve been running a list off in my head about all the things that we will need to pack an organise.

Then today while I was filling a prescription and browsing the cosmetics section at the pharmacy, it occurred to me that I have an absurd collection of makeup that I never actually use anymore.

So one of the first things I did after returning home was to go through and toss it all in the bin, whatever I didn’t use. I was surprised that I had bags upon bags of old make up (10 years ago) that I’d taken with me in my travels. These bags had never been taken out after they were packed–simply because I never used them anymore.

When will I be using glittery eyeshadows and sparkly lip gloss (did I ever wear lip gloss?!). My regular makeup routine has been very plain in the last six years… simple eye shadow, some eyeliner and then maybe some lipstick if I can remember. I would go through stages of wearing makeup on a daily basis (if I was working in the office) to only wearing makeup when there was an event to attend (working from home days).

I was a little surprised at how detached I felt from the 20 eyeliner pencils I chucked into the bin. They were all collected in a ziplock bag and were definitely from when I still lived in Vancouver… what possessed me to bring them along with me across so many moves? I obviously felt a strong attachment to them before now to have brought them to two different countries I moved to. Yet when I pulled them out today I felt nothing but wonderment that I had owned this many eyeliner pencils at one point.

I feel like a very different person. I’m not sure if being a mother has finally “matured” me and that practical common sense everyone is always on about has finally taken root for me.

I did briefly glimpse the 23 year old me in that wrinkled bag of eyeliners. She was young. She was so very short sighted. Stubborn, headstrong. She flung herself into everything. She got in her own way. But damn it, she did it all while looking so awkwardly pretty.

Goodbye, You.

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