Toe Hold On That Wagon

Yep, it happened. I fell off the daily writing wagon. I barely even managed to keep writing in my personal journal.

The past month has been fairly busy. I took a trip with Fin back to the family farm. That did disrupt our routine quite a bit.

I joined a book club. Now I have actual deadlines to finish books that I never have time for anymore.

Fin is now completely mobile. He crawls everywhere, pulls himself up on things and falls down a lot. I now literally do not have a free moment unless he’s asleep (where he is right now), and even then I have to keep a constant ear open for him being awake.

Only 9 months in and he’s no longer just my cuddly baby boy anymore. He’s constantly wanting to go outside, see people, DO things. He’s like his father. He’s bored of my homebody routines of laundry and house chores… he wants to explore the world and our apartment is too small for his curious mind.

An ex colleague–and a friend–has also offered me a job at my old company. I wasn’t sure I was going to take it because I wasn’t comfortable with putting Fin in daycare. This was three weeks ago, before Fin started to constantly go off by himself.

Now that he’s reveling in his new found freedom, I realise that daycare has its upsides. He’ll have a much bigger space there. He’ll have other kids and various people there to entertain him and help his development. He would be better off there than being stuck with just his momma all day long.

In an ideal world, we’d be close to a large support group of family and friends, with whom we could visit all the time. But we’re not. We’re here in a busy city, all by our lonesome and it’s time that I admit we need to make more friends. All three of us.

Daycare will only be three days out of a seven day week, anyway. And I don’t have to start until May… (option to work from home until then). I just don’t know how much work I can realistically get done at home when Fin’s yelling at me to take him outside.

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