Racing Ahead

I have a complete plot.

For the first time in ever, I have a complete plot. It feels really damn good right now.

After finishing my first plot line, I began writing the first chapter. The main difference I noticed with my writing is that it’s much easier to keep the Leader character’s personality consistent. It’s almost as if I am now writing about a person I have a better understanding of. Whereas before when I would just write whatever scene and person that popped into my head, the character wouldn’t stay in character for very long–they’d waver and sometimes become almost somebody else.

I think because I now know the whole story before actually committing it to be written, I am more confident about setting up my character and letting the story unfold around him/her.

It feels great. I never realised how much I could learn before I decided to actually treat creative writing as a STUDY. I had been under the impression that creative writing couldn’t be taught; that you’re either creative or your not. And lately, I had been feeling like perhaps creative writing wasn’t for me, that I was hanging on to a child’s dream and I had to just grow up already.

This new improvement with my writing gives me hope. It lets me know that I’m finally on the right path to having something finished. Getting that something published will be a whole other battle, but I am ready.

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