Good Start

I did good today. Spent an hour in the morning with some written exercises from Bell’s book. I wrote a short scene I saw in my mind based on the exercise asking to write a scene by answering the question: “What I most want to write about at this moment is…”

I liked the characters I introduced in that scene. So this afternoon I took that character and applied the LOCK system to create a simple plot. The way LOCK works:

Lead: Who is the lead character?

Objective: What is the lead character’s objective? The lead of a story is usually trying to get something or get away from something.

Confrontation: What obstacles does the lead face in obtaining their objective?

Knockout: What is the climax of the story? Does the lead succeed in their objective? Make a knockout event of the result.

And now I have a general plot and some scene ideas to flesh it out. I have characters, incidents, etc etc! The plot took me about an hour and a half this afternoon to draw up.

I’m excited. I have never tried writing a project with this approach before. I have always just started by writing a scene and tried to free form it. I never took plotting seriously. I was so arrogant as to believe that creativity means not having to follow a plot! How ridiculous is that…

Tools Used:

Productive by Apalon Apps on iPhone: A habit tracker that reminds me to write for at least an hour twice a day.

Lock system from James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure.


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