Outside the Window

It is cloudy outside right now with tiny patches of blue sky. It is 2 pm in the afternoon in Kordabup, Western Australia. Not thirty minutes ago, the sky was relatively clear and the sun had been out. It’s much more windy in this small corner of the world than most places I have lived. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had days where we started will brilliant sunshine, only to be met with massive downpour of hail in the mid afternoon. Then the day might end on a clear starry night.

The weather is unpredictable here. It matches the daily happenings around this place; there is no strict routine. There is always something new and different each day out here on the farm. Yet there is a sense of peace being out here.

In this tiny, remote corner of the world, we’re sheltered from all political strife. I truly feel like an Untouchable now.

This is the first of a series I am doing of daily writing prompts. I decided to start this today so it’ll help me stay in the habit of writing once a day. 

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