Life Got Busy

I’ve been neglecting this place for a while.

We recently got the news that my visa to live in Australia has been accepted. Everything is moving a much faster than I expected.

Oh January… tax season just taking off (I’ve learned to hate taxes ever since I’ve had to do my first US tax return). It’s very busy at work as January is the first month when business starts taking off for our clients; which means they need way more help than any other time of the year.

That along with trying to get everything ready to move to the other side of the world, it’s overwhelming.

I chatted with one of our clients in Australia yesterday. He asked me again if I was serious about moving to Australia. As soon as I said, “it’s very likely”, he freaked out. He told me that I “absolutely” have to work for him, and that they “desperately” need someone like me there. He said he would like me to be there full time, but if I wanted to do part time remotely (we might live on the other side of the country than him), that would work for him, too. He said, “I don’t care how we set it up, as long as we can have you working for our company, I’m happy.”

This is the first time that anyone has ever been so complimentary of my “pay the bills” work. It’s the first time I’ve felt incredibly valued in a work place setting. I was speechless. I told him I would be happy to work for him (frankly, I would). I feel that I would be treated well there.

This client and I have also always been friendly. He chats with me about his relationships (he’s in a defacto marriage with his husband from Germany), and he’s given me some helpful information about relocating to Australia.

Our conversation yesterday has really been be a stress-relief. The uncertainty of moving to a different country when you don’t have your next job lined up is stressful. I’m still not sure if we will be taking a few months off at the TubHub’s home town, but Pete (the client I was chatting with) said that he can hold off on hiring for my position for a few months into this year and that I can take however long I want before I start.

So… I’m really looking forward to changing things up!

One thought on “Life Got Busy

  1. This is fantastic! You really deserve more recognition and to be in a place and with a boss who values your talents. 🙂

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