Week 1 of “Healthy Eating”

Trying to lose some weight for the holidays this year, so I decided to diet, for the first time in my life, ever.

I started out this week with eating about 3 snack meals a day. Some raspberries in the morning with sine ginger tea. Then chicken thighs & baby bok choy stir fry for lunch. Some nut and raisins in the afternoon.

I’ve also started drinking way more water. I skipped coffee (until Sunday).

All of this started lasts Wednesday. Each day I’ve eating roughly the same amount and roughly the same things. We decided to make Saturdays a cheat day, so I got to eat more food than the rest of the diet days.

The one thing I’ve cut out completely? Noodles. I used to eat some kind of noodles (flat noodles, egg noodles, pasta noodles) just about every single day. I knew the carb count for noodles (or rice) were high, but I just didn’t care; my addiction to noodles was something I wasn’t ready to give up.

Today is Day 5 without noodles. I saw a photo of beef noodles in Flushings, NY last night, and I forcefully told myself not to keep staring.

Good news is: I dropped 2 solid pounds in 5 days.

Also for the first time in my life, I have a “goal weight”. I’ve always been happy to stay around my current weight; but recently the numbers just don’t seem to sit so well anymore on this aging body.

I can’t promise I’ll never eat noodles again; but I need to cut back for a while before I can get back into it with moderation.

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