I’ve never had a sister. I used to laugh at girls who complained about their sisters taking their clothes or make up.

Today I realised… I have a sister now.

Coming home to Vancouver to my parents house, I notice some of my things have been raided. The work of my brother’s girlfriend, who stays with him often.

My pink hair brush, for example, on my brother’s desk. No doubt where she last did her homework. Some of my hair accessories on my brother’s windowsill.

Surprisingly, I am not mad. I’m not annoyed. I’m happy.

Andrea has been dating my brother for years. It never occurred to me that she would have any use for my things. The gesture of her just taking my things to use as her own feels so sisterly that I feel nothing but loved.

It funny to me that now that a personal boundary has been crossed, I welcome it. It’s a weird feeling to have another girl using your things, and to think of it as a compliment (she must think I have good taste) rather than disrespect.

It feels good to have a “sister”.

I should mention: Andrea has also done the chores usually reserved for family, like picking me up from the airport, and talking my mom down. So she’s a good sister that way, too.

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