Just a Saturday Morning

Woke up, read my book, got into an argument, had some coffee, back to reading my book, then I painted my nails in the childish color of lavender.

I felt the need to write about something important, but then thought I’d leave that for a weekday.

TubHubs is outside helping our landlord with some outdoor chores. Pretty difficult to stay upset at someone who helps other people do things for no personal gain. Okay, maybe some personal gain; he likes being outside in the sun.

It still amazes me how far I’ve come. If this had happened six years ago, I’d be bitching about the insignificant argument as if it was the end of the world. Four years ago, I would have resolutely told myself not to talk to him again for the entire day. Two years ago, I’d be throwing out “let’s just break up!” lines every which way.

But today, I’m somehow able to see our argument for what it was: a short, insignificant moment in which we disagree with each other about something, and then we moved on.

It’s funny–now that I’ve gotten to this point, I remember all the times my friend of 16 years has had to tell me, “I get that you’re upset, but what happened isn’t really the end of the world. Things will fix itself and everything will be fine.”

And this makes me think: how often did I feel too much? How often did I let my emotions get the better of me and wrecked havoc on my daily happiness?

The last time I really had to have a real, tear-filled “complain-fest”, was over two years ago. Somehow within that time, I stopped taking everything so seriously and things stopped looking like they were insurmountable, ever. Now when I get upset, or annoyed, I’m able to just think, it’s not that big a deal and just.. move on with my day.

It seems ridiculous to write about this; it probably even sounds immature that I didn’t learn to let things go until I was in my late twenties. But I’m just glad that I did evolve, even if it might have been later than everyone else.

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