My Fashion Tastes Are Younger Than Me

These shoes make me drool. Really drool.

I work from home, so there’s really no opportunity for me to be dressed up for a day at the office. No chance for me to wear something that “looks nice”.

So I haven’t properly worn heels in years.

I’ve taken to wearing an old pair of worn-in heels (I bought this pair when I was 21 years old) around the house. I end up taking them off after about 5 or 10 minutes of stumbling around. I’m no longer used to them. Gone are the days I used to be able to skitter-run (you know the kind) on heels with ease.

My 30 year old feet are now too used to home slippers and soft booties. While most flat shoes are still cute, they just don’t have the sexy factor that comes with a nice looking pair of heels.

Where exactly did my obsession with high heels start? Here’s the culprit:

Look how adorable those look. I had multiple barbie dolls when I was a little kid and they always came with these cute little things that could impale a predator when needed.

Thanks, early-childhood conditioning, for fostering an near-unhealthy obsession with high heel shoes.

Pro Life Tip: If I write about the obsession, it stops me from actually trying to buy these shoes. 

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