A Writing Project

I have several of these. I find that I enjoy it this way. When I am bored of one story, I jump to the other.

Sometimes I take stock of my on-going work, and I ask myself what I’m writing them for. I think by doing this, I’ll be more motivated to finish them.

This is what I’ve came up with.

Understanding My Past

There’s a story I’m writing that’s loosely based on my parents and their family. I think I do this as to try to understand my childhood. I feel like in order to fix the mental and emotional baggage from my childhood, I need to write about their lives before me. I need to see them as the young adults they were then and to understand and sympathize with their motivations. Above all, I need to feel like they must have all loved each other deeply at one time.

Escaping a Present Circumstance

There’s another story I’m writing that’s based on a random thought. It’s somewhat science fiction, because it involves a multi-verse. It’s about escaping our disappointment and dissatisfaction with daily life and getting a fresh start. I think I started writing this because I felt trapped in my work situation and felt I could do nothing about it.

Drawing a Different Future 

This other story is about a single mother, and how she’s lost her only son to a better life. This story makes me sad to write, but for some reason I have to write it. It’s about sacrifice, and how a mother’s love can endure many hardships. It’s one of the random scenarios I run through my head when I can’t sleep at night. It’s a thing I’ve done ever since I was a small child. I make up scenarios in my head, put myself in the place of one of the characters, and I wonder: How would I feel, in that situation?

So, that’s what I’ve been busy doing lately.

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