It’s a good day today. My boss finally realised that I could not be pushed around.

On-to the reminiscing.

Summer 2007 – Summer 2009

I turned 22 in 2007. I spent that birthday in San Diego.

Here’s a shot of me at 22 years old, being attacked by birds.

In these 2 short years, I went from being in a long term, long distance engagement during 2007-2008, to being absolutely single in 2009.

As for work; I moved up from a Subway sandwich “artist” to working at my first cubicle job at one of Canada’s big telecom companies. I would then lose this same job in March 2008 due to absenteeism, which is what they call it when you skip too many work shifts to take your final exams at school.

These 2 years have the most photos out of any 2 years I have… there are photos virtually documenting every weekend during this time. My friends and I were having a great time. We went out to karaoke pubs twice a week. When we weren’t at karaoke, we were grabbing midnight snacks and bubble tea.  We also went on various other adventures, checking out new breweries, annual fireworks, etc.

Here I am at 23 (ish), in that classic pose.

Near the end of my 23rd year, I’d lost my job and had to admit defeat. Things with my family had relaxed by then, so I moved back home at 24 years old.

At the time, ending my long term relationship, losing my job, and moving home all felt like a major defeat. I felt like I failed at being an adult, I felt like a loser.

Looking back on that now; there’s nothing more adult than admitting you’ve fucked up, swallowing your pride, and accepting your family’s good will.

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