End of the Glorious 20’s – Monday

I’m turning 30 this coming Sunday. I plan to reflect upon my 20’s from today, all the way through Friday. If pointless old person rambling about the past is not your piece of birthday cake, then at least you’ve been warned.

Summer 2005 – Summer 2007

The first 2 years of my twenties, here is where we saw some early stages of internet trolling. I wasn’t that much of a troll. I didn’t do anything or say anything that would hurt anyone. I mainly just stuck with the vanilla trolls like lame gaming jokes.

I moved out of my parent’s home in February, 2006. My mom thought I was leaving home to be a “floozy” (or whatever the Chinese word was for floozy), so I spent the rest of 2006 being “shunned” by my family.

I went to school in the day, and worked at Subway at night. I needed full time hours for bills and tuition. I lived in New West, my classes were up on Burnaby Mountain. And I worked in Coquitlam. I didn’t drive. The transit from home to school was roughly 1 hour. Then 1 hour to commute from school to work. Finally, about 1.5 hours from work to home. Most nights I got home at at 1 int he morning after closing shifts of 11 pm. On weekends I got the early opening shifts, so it was often that I closed up at 11 pm on Friday night, only to return to work at 5:30 am on Saturday morning. I used to wonder why I didn’t just sleep over night at work…

Thinking back on that now, I wonder why I ever bothered with such a hassle. Up to 4 hours a day on public transit. Coming home smelling like old bread and just passing out on a single bed. But for some reason, I remember those first year of my twenties with fondness. My new life then was full of challenges, but it was exciting at the same time.

By 2007, my roommate and I moved into a bigger place. It was closer to my school as well as my job, so the commute wasn’t that much of a bother anymore.

When I think of those first 2 years, I realise that is the most free I have ever felt. It’s probably the most free I will ever feel. I didn’t have my parents to fall back on (they cut me off completely), but it also meant I didn’t have anyone to answer to. I worked like a dog for a shitty wage, went to school tired and cranky… but it was fun nonetheless. I had fun, fell in love, spent days off adventuring with friends.

Those were some good years.

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