Windows 10: End of Week 1

User Experience

I noticed the boot time for Windows 10 is now a lot faster. Before it would take around 2-3 minutes to boot from a clean shut down. Both today and yesterday, it booted at less than 2 minutes. Granted, most of my essential apps are still set to “Automatic Delay” on start up.


The new interface was easy to get used to for me. The layout from Windows 7 (and older versions of Windows) with the imagery of Windows 8 makes it pretty easy to get used to.

I’m extremely happy that the full screen Start menu is gone. (For those of  you who preferred it, you can still enable it on Start >> Settings >> Personalization >> Start >> “Use Start Full screen)

Start Full Screen


Still haven’t found a fix for NVIDIA Control Panel being unable to launch. At this point I’m willing to wait for the next Intel driver update to reinstall.

That’s all for now!

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