Windows 10 First Impression


It’s a bit slow; but I’ve only rebooted a couple of times so far, so it could just be my PC.

For the curious (my PC stats):

PC Stats

Even just logging in takes a long time. Hopefully this gets better as I reboot more.


So far ALL of my external USB devices work and I didn’t have to update any drivers. I use a USB hub connector. I had a bit of a scare because my external monitor wasn’t displaying at all at first. Upon 2nd reboot, it’s displaying just fine.

My USB Devices


All of my apps work. I use quite a few different apps for my work, and I was really surprised that I could still use all of them without having to reinstall anything or tweak anything.

Some of my Apps:

  • GoToMeeting
  • TeamViewer
  • Skype
  • QQ

Overall First Impression

Really liking it so far. I’m used to having to get used to a different interface or different settings whenever I update to the latest Windows OS. I think with Windows 10, they’ve really made it as user friendly as possible.

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