Windows 10… FINALLY!

Windows 10 Update Failed

currently have Windows 8.1. I attempted to “skip the line” last night to force update for Windows 10. This was the result:

Windwos 10 Update Failed

I was pretty annoyed, but not annoyed enough to spend hours searching for a fix. I read about 3 different online articles with “fixes”. The general consensus in comments were people reporting that the fixes didn’t always work.

So I gave in and told myself to wait.

Ready to Upgrade!

This morning I ran an upgrade check to find that Windows 10 was now ready to upgrade to my computer. AWESOME!!!

This was at 7:45 am.

Preparing for the Upgrade

Preparing for upgrade

It’s now 8:12 am. Still “preparing for the upgrade”….. I’m a bit anxious at this time since I have a work meeting at 9 am. I suppose I’ll just have to use my husband’s Desktop for work. I really did not plan ahead. I got way too excited about Windows 10.

Still Preparing…?

8:50 A.M: Still preparing for upgrade….

Preparing for upgrade2

Three Hours Later

11:30 am

I finally catch a break from work and check on the update… still “preparing for installation. Weird. Progress bar got nowhere.

Preparing for upgrade2

So I decide to restart the computer. Computer boots back up and Windows 10 Update restarts. Right away I’m prompted to begin the install. I guess it actually finished downloading but Windows Update got stuck.

I start the install (sorry for the shitty phone cam shot), and right away this happens:


About 2 minutes later, I get this screen:


Looks like we’re finally getting somewhere, right?

One concern: I didn’t get the screen that asks me if I wanted to keep all files. I, stupidly, did not make a backup of my current files before I attempted this. …. We’ll see how well this turns out for me.

System Installed @ 12:30 pm

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