Life Hack: How to Stop Yourself from Buying New Shoes

The Addiction

If you’re like me, then you love shoes. I used to buy Barbie dolls for the shoes that came in the package; once I got the little pink pumps, I’d promptly lose the doll.

I lost count of how many shoes I actually have. Not to mention how many shoes I end up giving away/throwing out from all the moving around.

The Resolution

I’ve been trying for years to curb my shopping habit when it comes to shoes. Sometimes I’m really good with it, until I see a pair of shoes I absolutely had to have. Then I splurge on that one pair of shoes and tell myself that “I only ever splurge once or twice a year, so it’s fine.”

Now that I’m 30 with a house and a family plan on the horizons, I’ve forced myself to take a hard look at my spending habits. I think about what type of example I want to set for my future children; do I want to show them how to be frivolous with money? Or how to be smart with it?

The funny thing is, “being smart with money” calls to mind all those times that I got stuck with the lame looking (affordable and practical to my mother) sneakers while there were girls at my school wearing cute red Mary Janes. The only dress shoes I ever got as a child, a cousin bought for us because I was the flower girl at her wedding.

Will that how my children come to see me, one day? Lame and practical? If so, will they also learn to appreciate the small sacrifices once they become adults themselves?

The Solution

I caught myself staring at shoes today. Louboutins, to be specific. Who knew shoes could be so incredibly expensive? After an hour drooling over shoes I knew I could never have, I put on my favorite worn in heels.

These pumps… I don’t even remember what brand, the bottom’s are so worn I can no longer check, but they look like Guess to me.

I got them when I was 21 or 22, I hardly remember anymore. I know I wore them all through my twenties though. They look sexy as hell and just so happens to be so damned comfortable. I went through the trouble of re-heeling them after the heel wore through.

And how much did they cost? No more than $80 Canadian, I expect. I don’t remember ever spending more than that on a pair of shoes.

After wearing these heels around the house, I forgot all about the shoes I was green with envy over. Because I’ve got this one pair that none of them could ever match up to, Louboutin or not.

These shoes? They saw me through first dates, birthdays, drunken nights. Through it all, they never gave me a swollen ankle or sore calves. They were just reliable, but in a sexy way.

Life Hack:

When you find yourself drooling over expensive online products, try digging through your closet to find one of old favorites. Put it on and wear it around the house for a while; it’ll distract you from the shiny new things by helping you re-discover what you loved so much about the oldie.

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