It’s 10:37 pm. I’ve had a beer and numerous glasses of red wine.

The boyfriend is playing a game he backed on KickStarter that he finally got the Beta invite for.

So I do what I always do when I’m on my 8th glass of wine–I get social. Except now days I get social on the Internets.

I troll Reddit. Then I go to the various IRCs and TinyChats each Reddit is offering. Nothing interesting there. Sudden realisation hits me that most people on the internet are younger that I am.

And then it hits me–I should be doing something meaningful with my life.

If I were a 19 year old on the internet talking to a 28 year old, I would be thinking, “wow, I bet he/she is successful and following his/her dreams–why the hell is he/she on the internet if he/she is so busy with their fabulous life?”

So was 19 year old me just naive? Or is 28 year old me behind?

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