Twenty-eight was never a significant number until the movie Twenty Eight Days. The one with Sandra Bullock as some kind of an addict. Not the zombie/mutant apocalypse one. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember whether Bullock’s character was even 28 years old–the title obviously referred to the length of time she had to be live in a rehab facility for.

Most people take stock of their lives at the major milestones in life. Graduation, first job, turning thirty, first kid, etc etc. For anyone who knows me or has ever read a “blog” of mine, you’d know that I, annoyingly, broadcast an analysis of my life to the world on a bi-annual basis. Once around New Years and once around my birthday (how ego-centric of me). If I did so anymore often than that, it would be like the quarterly reports Presidents would present to the share-holders of a particular company. Look how well we are doing! The money you’ve invested is growing, so invest more money! Life kind of works that way, doesn’t it?

By now, most of you realise that in these posts I tend to get sidetracked by random phrases or random thoughts. This is a type of sarcastic vanity most writers tend to have–the unquestioning belief that our readers care about every single train of thought we have. Right now, I’m imagining you on the edge of your seat, wondering, what will she say next?

Ridiculous, I know. But at least I admit to it.

On with it.

This year is the first year that I stopped feeling any difference in being a year older. If anyone were to ask me how old I am now, my default answer is 24. It’s also quite funny because in the months leading up to 28, my default answer was always 28 even though I was not yet 28. It’s an annoyingly trivial detail that I’m sure most people have experienced themselves, but you know.

The interface of WordPress editor displays my Categories on the right hand menu column. It gives me the idea of categorizing my thoughts in this post as well.

Thoughts on a Personal Level

I think I’ve come a long way this year. I’ve uprooted myself from my comfort zone and I did something that a lot of people would not do. I moved countries for the sole purpose of being with the person I love and I threw caution to the wind. There is a perpetual internal struggle of whether I did the right thing, but apparently life is supposed to be full of these struggles, or so I hear.

Thoughts on Writing

I’m most proud of the improvements I’ve made in this area. I currently have two writing projects I’m working on, and I’ve been adding to one of them steadily while the other sits at a dead-end plot. Not a dead-end plot really, but the main character has to make a decision that she’s putting off making, and that seems to have put a spanner in the plot of her story. I’m quite exciting about the project that is growing steadily. Each time I write in it, I discover something new about that world that I didn’t know before. Most recently, a random character that was thrown in the project for the sake of setting suddenly developed a purpose in the plot as well. He has now become one of the major plot-drivers instead of just a character who helps the readers understand the world they are in (setting purposes). This is exciting.


Jamie and I had spent three weeks in Australia from the end of July to August. Western Australia in Winter is gorgeous.


I got to read a few great good books this year. Especially on the three week holiday. My only regret is not having kept track of them all–something I’ve rectified since my birthday. They’ll be in another list


I learned how to crochet! Jamie’s sister had been learning how to crochet with a couple of books, and having her show me what I was doing wrong (and reading wrong) helped. Look forward to some crochet projects.

So long to 27. Yay, 28! Hey… at least I’ve got two years until 30, right?


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