My First Period


Grade 8, gym class. Running around the football field. Heavy cramps, couldn’t figure out why. And then my V-jay-jay actually stung. It hurt.

Gym class over. In the change room. Bloody panties. Damn it.

Get home, take the soiled panties and walk up to my mother’s live-in girlfriend (my second mother at the time I guess), and ask, “what is this?”

Of course I knew what it was, but I was a fucking weirdo.

Mom’s girlfriend flips out. Brings me to mom. Mom says nothing and takes me to the bathroom. Shows me how to use the pad and that was all. No discussion, no hugs.

That night I slept in our living room under the lamps of my mother’s Buddha shrine (we’re Chinese), and I sobbed myself to sleep. I remember thinking that nothing will ever be the same again.

What a weirdo.

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