I took a trip into NYC exactly a week ago. I took the trip on my own. Saw a couple of things. Actually, I walked into the New York Public Library because it was so damn close to Grand Central. Besides, I love libraries.

This library was nothing like what I expected. They had books in there, sure, but they also had more tourists than actual book lovers. I suppose the historical importance and the architectural value of the library itself actually out valued anything else a normal person could have found in there.

What I did find though, were many “special collection” sections that were walled off to the public. Most of them were marked, “staff only.” If you want something from there, you need to get the librarian to get it for you. Even then, I doubt you’d be able to check any of those books/documents out for a day or so.

So… why don’t they just rename it a museum of something?

And then I saw the Empire State building. By saw, I mean I sat in a pub under it. Then I was hit on by a banker in his early forties. I was reluctant to chat with him at first, but then he did force to pay for my beer.

Afterwards, I made my way to Washington Square. I’d wanted to see the famous arch ever since they’ve subliminally implanted the idea in my head via F.R.I.E.N.D.S‘s opening credits. To get there, I took the train to Union Square.


I’m glad I took a day trip there, and NYC is really full of people and WAY TOO MANY things to do. Not sure when I’ll venture into the city next, but keep tuned.

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