“Aloud” versus “Out loud”

While writing today, I stumbled across a life long question. Okay. It wasn’t life long. It was for as long as I knew the English language, so from when I was eleven years old.

What is the difference between “aloud” and “out loud”?

And are they pronounced differently? How do you know when you are using one or the other correctly?

The answer? They are both correct. And apparently you can use both interchangeably.

  • Aloud– (adv.) 1. With use of the voice; orally: 2. In a loud tone; loudly
  • Out loud– (adv.) Loud enough to be audible


Oh. And for the writing nerds out there, here is a funny NERDY forum I found on LANGUAGE. Yes. That forum is where people go to discuss the proper use of expressions in language. There is different sections for different languages.


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