I see random scenes in my head and the first thing I always think of is how the people in these scenes must be feeling. Are they happy? Are they hurt? Are they complacent?

It’s fun for me to portray a feeling by describing a particular character, or a scene.

What is human suffering? And what is the human condition? All of these ambiguous topics that all writers love to focus on. We all want to create something that helps the rest of the world come to terms with reality. And we hope that by doing this, we ourselves are able to accept our own realities.


I see people on television, or in everyday life, who seem genuinely happy. They seem that way. But then I have to remember that genuine happiness is an illusion. I will always have something that someone else wants, and I will always want something that someone else has got. Even the man who has everything must wish for an end to his material greed.

I need to stick to one main plot line and not get distracted by side plots.

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