Around The World

The last time I moved countries, I was ten years old. Moving from Taipei, Taiwan to Vancouver, BC, Canada was a huge change. Still, I think I was too young then to appreciate the change of scenery. Being ten years old, I hadn’t seen much of Taipei. We’d been to the regular holiday places. And we’ve seen the presidential suites. At the time, I didn’t realise that the city I was born in would be included in the list of 100 Cities Around The World as one of the most fascinating cities to visit.

I found the book sitting on a night stand in my new housemate’s den. I spent a good couple of hours one morning to flip through the pages, and I realised something: I have been so lucky. As I read the book, I kept a mental note of the cities in there that I’ve been in. Here is a textual map for you guys. The cities that are bolded can be found on the list of 100 Cities Around the World.

Born in Taipei => Moved to Vancouver => First road trip with friends at 12 to Seattle => Disney Land trip to L.A. with school choir at 16 => Road trip with Kevin to Banff and then Calgary around 17 => Ten day trip to Tokyo at 20 => Several visits to San Diego between 21 and 23 => Visiting Beijing and Shanghai at 24 => Tag along business trip with my father to Chicago and Detroit that same year => Went to Perth and Denmark in Australia to see Jamie’s family at 25 => Then to Havana for a “birthday” vacation with Jamie the following year => Finally at 26, visiting Jamie and going to NYC for a couple of days. And now? I live in Stamford, CT. Forty-five minute train ride from the most famous city on earth.

That’s 12/100 down. Not to mention that I’ve now LIVED in 2 out of these 100 cities. I know that’s not a record by anyone’s count, but when I think about it, it’s pretty impressive.

I can’t say if I’ll ever get to live to see the rest 78 cities on that list, and I don’t feel a specific urge to pledge that I will definitely visit all of those amazing places. The only thing I can say for sure is that I feel pretty damn good about 12 out of 100. Call me an under achiever.

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